Little in Japan: The End of the Line

January 11, 2016

The first Little in Japan of the new year is about the perils of falling asleep on Japanese trains (which I have done a number of times). It’s a bit of a weird one. Here’s an excerpt:

train2You can read the full strip here.

Little in Japan Returns

May 27, 2015

Dave is back in another Little in Japan story over at

This time, Dave contemplates his options.

Little in Japan: Trying to Be Something Other Than a Teacher

January 18, 2015

In the latest Little in Japan comic strip, Dave tries his luck at various non-teaching jobs in Japan, without much luck. It was a nice chance to commiserate with (and poke fun at) my fellow Tokyo creatives, who say they are in bands or writing novels, but are all secretly teachers.
Read the whole story here:


Dark Horizon

January 18, 2015

I recently read a copy of Brian Reyes’ outrageous book, Dark Horizon, which he describes as “a vulgar yet playful book of insults”. It’s a spoof of the popular English textbook series, New Horizon, which has been read in Japanese public school since 1965. Here’s how Brian describes it:

I thought about the characters from New Horizon, and what they would be like 10 years later if they fell on hard times. In my version of the book, the character Mike is homeless, Emi is a prostitute and good ol’ Ann Green sensei is a suicidal hostess. They have rude conversations and Japanese can learn some very rude English insults. I included Romaji in the book, so it works well for English speakers to learn naughty Japanese phrases too!

A3_Chapter 7 En and JaA2_Chapter 3 Color

It’s a hilarious, irreverent read. You can get it in Amazon and lots of Japanese shops.

Little in Japan: Onwards and Downwards

April 1, 2014

Dave’s downward spiral continues as the comic strip returns for the first time this year. This time he is exploring his unappealing career options.
Check out the strip here:


Little In Japan: Networking

October 29, 2013

I’ve just completed the first “Little In Japan” strip in ages.

Stranded in a cyber-cafe, Dave experiments with social media, and gets into more trouble.
See the story in full here:

Ed Woods – Hot Rod of the Living Dead

June 6, 2013

Here’s a music vid I chopped together for my friends, The Ed Woods. They’re a great, demented Japanese horror-themed punk/psychobilly band. They always put on an incendiary live show, so you should check them out if you get a chance.


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