St. Patrick’s Day in Tokyo

St. Patrick’s Day is a fine excuse for a party wherever you are, and Japan is no exception. This weekend I hit Tokyo to check out the St.Patrick’s Day parade in Harajuku, which included a marching band, cute cheerleaders, some confused-looking Irish Wolf-Hounds and, of course, the ever-present sea of advertising for Guinness. Then I moved on to a couple of Irish Pubs in Shibuya (The Dubliners’ and The Hobgoblin) to continue the festivities with a few pints of the black stuff. The atmosphere was great and there is something inherently enjoyable about watching drunk Japanese people trying to river-dance.

2 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day in Tokyo

  1. dragonlife says:

    Next time, try Paddy Foley’s and ask for my mate Neil!

  2. roaf says:

    In Roppongi, isn’t it? I think I read somewhere it’s the oldest Irish pub in Japan. Pretty authentic!

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