Life: The Bargain

After spotting this huge sign I spent the rest of the day pondering what its profound slogan could mean. The deep, philosophical message left me baffled. Is life inherently a great deal? Should you value each moment of your life as if it were a wonderful bargain? What on earth were they trying to tell me?
Then somebody explained to me that it was just a department store called “Life” that was having a bargain sale. Hmph.

5 Responses to Life: The Bargain

  1. simaldeff says:

    That might have been a message from a “higher spirit” … but I really can’t see what Jimi Hendrix meant by this.

    • Punam says:

      Thanks for keeipng us updated. I'm so glad to hear that you're okay and that you've got enough food and stuff to hold you for a while. The whole nuclear situation makes a me nervous, and I'm an ocean away. I can't imagine having it right there and having to wonder what's really going on (and what's just rumor or sensationalist journalism). It goes without saying that you and all those affected are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe!

  2. dragonlife says:

    I’m stumped, too!
    In the case of Jimi, it could be that he made his short life a good bargain compared to the dreary lives of others….

  3. roaf says:

    The spirit of Jimi Hendrix lives on in Yokohama!

  4. dragonlife says:

    You are so lucky!
    Here I have to fall back on my CD’s!

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