Flasher Usagi

The designers of this ad for NOVA corporation clearly weren’t thinking too hard. Their mascot is the NOVA Usagi, a hybrid pink rabbit with a beak. As if looking like a deformed chimera that’s escaped from a genetics lab wasn’t enough, in the picture below, the Usagi appears to be waving his winky around like a depraved flasher!

7 Responses to Flasher Usagi

  1. simaldeff says:

    This adds up to a long story of commercials with explicit and involuntary innuendos.
    It’s just ROFL … did you participate in those famous AV thing … is it part of your job at NOVA?

  2. I think it’s supposed to be a tail – standing with his back to the “camera” looking over one shoulder.

    But it looks like he’s swingin’ the peen…

  3. dragonlife says:

    Well noted!
    I wonder what McEnglish think of that!

  4. roaf says:

    Maybe they did it deliberately, to get people talking!
    Unfortunately I haven’t appeared in any AV, Simaldeff. That would be an interesting experience!

  5. Abasio says:

    That has to be the best one yet!

  6. Jeff says:

    I never saw it that way… haha

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