Highlander and Eggnog

I’ve just discovered the Wikipedia page about Sake-based cocktails. There are some unusual recipes for people feeling adventurous or masochistic.

One cocktail I noticed was the ridiculous “Duncan McLeod”, a cocktail named after a character in the television programme “Highlander,” a spin-off from the movie of the same name. What an unbelievably obscure reference! The movie would have been an odd enough choice to name a cocktail after, but the TV show…?

The “Duncan McLeod” cocktail consists of equal parts sake, scotch whisky and coke. The cola represents the English actor (he’s called Adrian Paul, apparently,) the whisky is his Scottish character in the show, and the sake is the Japanese samurai sword he brandishes. I’m reminded of Highlander’s catchphrase, “There can be only one!” Presumably he was referring to the Duncan McLeod Cocktail- who’d want to drink that twice?!

The other cocktail which caught my eye was the truly grotesque “Nog-a-Sake”, which is three parts sake and one part eggnog. This horrific concoction could only have been conceived by a desperate alcoholic with an almost-bare liquor cabinet on Christmas day. Still, it might be a good way to make use of unwanted bottles of eggnog and sake which you’ve received as Christmas presents.

8 Responses to Highlander and Eggnog

  1. clarkebruce says:

    Please conduct a taste test over the weekend and report back. If it’s any good I may try and secure the Australian marketing rights!

  2. roaf says:

    I might give the Duncan McLeod a go- shouldn’t be too hard to mix one up. Not sure about the Nog-a-Sake, though. Don’t know where I’d get the eggnog in Japan!

  3. ramblingsofaculturefreak says:


  4. dragonlife says:

    I suppose I have to say something about sake.
    It is not conceived for coktails. Period. Shochu, on the other hand is great stuff to mic with!

  5. dragonlife says:

    Sorry, not mic, but mix!
    Holy Macaroni, I need a drink!

  6. roaf says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right, judging by these two cocktails! I don’t know much about sake or shochu, though.

  7. simaldeff says:

    They couldn’t name it Connor McLeod … Christopher Lambert is French (or Canadian … can’t really remember … and don’t really care too) … the sadistic/hallucinating creator of that thing couldn’t justify the Highlander reference with using the Coke!
    But again why using highlander reference? This need investigation … and punishment for “waste of good sake”.

  8. roaf says:

    Agreed, it’s a waste!
    Yeah, Christopher Lambert is Connor McLeod in the movie. Maybe the Connor McLeod could include Creme de Menthe, Grand Marnier or Cointreau.
    I think The Cola in the cocktail represents the British guy in the TV version, but I think Coke is American not British, anyway!

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