A Salute to Yokohama’s Eccentric Bicycle Man

Below are some pictures of an eccentric oddball who can often be spotted roaming the streets of Yokohama. Whenever there’s a big event in Kanagawa prefecture, such as a summer festival or a fireworks display, this colourful character appears, riding a bicycle and wearing long white robes, comedy spectacles and an enormous hat that looks like Salvador Dali’s wedding cake. More often than not, he’s also wearing a pair of fake boobies. I wonder if he wears this outfit every day?

Despite this man’s larger-than-life appearance, nobody seems to have any idea who he is. Is he a genuinely insane fruitcake, a daring outsider artist, or just a guy who likes dressing-up for fun? Most Yokohama residents know him only as “that crazy Oji-san.” I once had a brief opportunity to speak to him when he stopped his bicycle next to me at a traffic light, but I was left feeling none the wiser. he simply said “Yokohama! Yokohama!” gleefully, then sped off on his bike.

Whoever this mysterious nutter is, I wholeheartedly approve of his bonkers dress-sense. He certainly serves as a good antidote to the stereotypical Japanese traits of reserve and uniformity.

20 Responses to A Salute to Yokohama’s Eccentric Bicycle Man

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    • Ole says:

      Everyone deals with jet lag dereiffntly. For me It doesn’t bother me much, for some people I know it takes a few days to readjust. They are making the fish market even more restrictive for tourists (remember it is a working area with big business), in the past tourists keep getting in the way. Its still a nice place to go, but things like the famed Tuna Auction etc is restricted off these days, the shops and restaurants are still open and good to try out fresh sea food.

  2. S. Weasel says:

    What is he, like…four feet tall?

  3. roaf says:

    Not really. He’s sitting on a bike in two of the pictures. But he’s no giant!

  4. simaldeff says:

    The Madame Tussaud’s statue has been ordered and a Bronze statue will be erected soon in name of “that crazy oji-san” … or it should be … here we don’t have people like that … we do have a sexy girl (really sexy) that dress like a playmate with cat-ears and do pole dance on the subways pole after midnight …

  5. roaf says:

    Wow- that sounds better!

  6. Definitely an artist, I would say!
    I would welcome more!

    • Dedike says:

      Did Chicago to Tokyo in September…got in rlguhoy around the same time you will. Stayed up until 11ish walking around Shinjuku to tire myself out. Woke up the next day at 5:30 (sun comes up way early there), didn’t really feel the effects of lag.Did that the previous two other times to the same effect. Make sure to get something to eat and drink a lot of water, you should be fine.

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  8. Bugsey says:

    Yep I like loonies:) A LOT! Loonies are usually honest LOL!

  9. roaf says:

    Yeah, you know where you stand with a nutter!

  10. Dang! You would never see someone dressed like that in Korea. That said, people here are stuck in the 80s when it comes to ‘fashion’ (the quotes are there for a reason. Go figure).

    There is someone similar to him in Bangkok. Always a crowd puller. However, he clearly does it to make coin from the tourists (and he makes a fair whack on all accounts).

  11. roaf says:

    I don’t think this guy actually gets any money for his troubles. But he’s not alone- Japan has a big culture of dressing up in crazy costumes.

  12. Jesus. I thought he was dressing up as a way to attract tourists. (Note to self: get your sorry arse to JAPAN!)

  13. Bubs says:

    OMG! My wife saw him at an art show about a month back! He was wearing the pine cone things from cookoo clocks and fishbowls with live goldfish as earrings.

  14. roaf says:

    Live goldfish? Wow, sounds like he’s getting more crazy with his accessorizing.

  15. Dyogenes says:

    Wow. Plenty of mariteal for nightmares on your long flight back! Although, you have to admit that the round cartoon style is pretty cute, despite the content . . .

  16. ste says:

    Imagine being American and commmenting on other societies haha… jesus wept!!!

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