Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game

The “Osama Game” is popular among uninhibited university students, and involves much hilarity and humiliation… and chopsticks.
Before you ask, the word “Osama” is not a reference to Osama Bin laden (that game would be “Hide and Seek”,) it actually means “King” in Japanese. In the game, one player is elected King, and then he or she thinks of funny dares which the others must perform. Players are required to embarrass themselves, so I wouldn’t recommend the Osama game for sober or timid folks.

Here’s how you play: Take a chopstick for each player, write “Osama” on one of them, and number the others from 1 upwards. Then someone holds the chopsticks in their fist, so the numbers are concealed, and everybody draws a stick, without telling anyone their number. The lucky guy or gal with the “Osama” chopstick gets to be the King. The Osama decides on a task and then states the numbers of the players who must perform it, (without knowing who they are). For example: “number two must kiss number five!” or “number three has to do the Macarena!” or “numbers seven and eight must down their drinks!”
This inevitably leads to a succession of pant-pissingly funny antics (as long as you’re not the person performing the embarrassing acts.)

After each deed is done, the chopsticks are gathered again, and the process is repeated. Usually everybody gets a chance to be the King, and players relish the chance to exact revenge on those who tormented them in previous rounds of the game.
As the night progresses, and the booze flows, the players elected as Osama become more sadistic and creative as they fiendishly cackle their orders. “Number three must lick number one’s armpit! Mwah-ha-ha!”
I was once ordered, by a particularly inventive bastard, to take off my left sock, put it on my right hand, then walk around the bar shaking hands with as many strangers as possible. I also had to pretend to have an orgasm as I shook each confused person’s hand. There were a lot of bewildered people in that place, I can tell you. Luckily I was drunk at the time.
As you can imagine, the morning after playing the Osama game, people tend to wake up and groan with shame and regret.

22 Responses to Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game

  1. Gabriel says:

    This game has similar characteristics to the game we played: SON of ASSHOLE

  2. […] Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game The “Osama Game” is popular among uninhibited university students, and involves much hilarity and […] […]

  3. roaf says:

    We definitely played it. i seem to remember you getting a lapdance from someone. But I don’t remember the name “Son of Asshole!”

  4. simaldeff says:

    Osama’s THE game!!!!
    Just nice. Can get as dirty as the word dirty can get.

  5. nick says:

    this is definately not pissing ur life away, it’s what life is all about! anymore stories as hilarious as this and u might well become my dangerous idol,, forget celebrities haha

  6. roaf says:

    Yeah, Simaldeff, it can get pretty wild. I recommend playing with one guy and several girls!

  7. xXSheaKunXx says:


  8. klaudia says:

    i played that! we called it japanese dare. it works with cards too

  9. Good old Osama Game – used to play this drinking game quite a lot when I first arrived in Japan and was introduced to it by a few Japanese friends. A lot of fun!

    Japan Australia

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    […]Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game « Gaijin Tonic[…]…

  11. Briana says:

    I laughed so hard at the Osama joke. Lulz

  12. Stop CISPA says:

    Stop CISPA…

    […]Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game « Gaijin Tonic[…]…

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    Japanese Drinking Games. No#2: Osama Game | Gaijin Tonic

  18. […] the title was “King’s Game: Origin” in which Japan has a little group game called king’s game (surprisingly no wiki for it) where each person picks a chopstick/paper/thing with a number or […]

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