Drinking, Salaryman Style.

Here’s a clip from the classic show, “Adam and Joe Go Tokyo.” Adam Buxton investigates Japan’s drinking culture, meets some drunk salarymen, and stays in a capsule hotel.

5 Responses to Drinking, Salaryman Style.

  1. simaldeff says:

    “Stress is the big problem.
    Booze cancels out stress.
    End of problem!
    YHey, that’s a theory. *take a sip*”


    I love Japan!

  2. Woeful says:

    Love it! Rinse, and repeat… Kampai!

  3. nick says:

    have you been drinking tonight, sir?

    20 bottles?
    do you like to be drunk?

    ahhhhh love it

  4. “I notice in the capsules you have porn available (which is great). Do you have a particular clean up routine?”

    Haha! Have to love it.

    It’s the same over here in Korea. Indeed, there was a recent ruling which stated that it’s illegal to force you coworkers to drink on all night benders (when your boss says ‘jump’, it’s standard procedure to ask ‘how high’?).

    Whatever, I’ve only been to Japan twice (and that was only for visa purposes). My immediate thoughts (again twice) upon landing were ‘why am I not teaching in Japan!”.

    Love the site.

  5. roaf says:

    Thanks! Yeah, Japan is a pretty wild place to be. Korea looks cool, too! A friend of mine taught in both countries. He enjoyed living in Japan more, but said the job and the cost of living were better in Korea.

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