Beer for Kids

Ah, this is one of my favourite Japanese products, “Kodomo No Nomimono” (“Kids’ Drink.”) It’s essentially beer for children. In case you start foaming at the mouth with rage, I should point out that it’s non-alcoholic, and the company which makes the drink, Sangaria, is famous for infusing their drinks with healthy vitamins. So it must be good, then!
Below is the TV ad, with an infuriatingly catchy jingle.

It’s been around for a couple of years, and was apparently invented so children could join toasts at family gatherings.
All good fun, in the spirit of the chocolate cigarettes and tins of shandy that I was weened on. Although not everyone would agree, judging some of the puritanical people commenting on this blog.
Here’s a link to the official website: Kodomo No Nomimono

8 Responses to Beer for Kids

  1. nick says:

    i think some people have overreacted on the other one a bit; like u wrote before about the vending machines, the kids dont buy the drink because its not allowed and simple as that haha. i dont think kids in japan would think they drink that so they must have to go on to drinking lots of beer after that.
    it took me a while to realise when one of those people were on about cider they ment non-alcoholic because they are american, had me confuzzled for a while

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, all that talk of “enabling alcoholics” is a bit far-fetched. I used to drink those cans of no-alcohol shandy when I was a kid and I turned out all right…er…except for writing a blog about booze.

  3. Just discovered your site via GuanoIsland.

    Nice to see a fellow lover of all things alcohol. You’re bookmarked.

  4. roaf says:

    Thanks! I’ll check out your blog, too.

  5. There will always be people who cannot consider the good side of life.
    Instead of inciting kids to drink, the latter will learn the good socializing purpose of drinking. Usually people who rant about drinking spend their money on drugs/medicine to calm their own frustration tat the world!

  6. roaf says:

    Haha! I agree. These puritans need to drink some chu-hai and play “the Osama game.”

  7. […] I’m not sure how I feel about screaming toddlers in the pub on a Saturday, but I suppose such play areas are common in European beer gardens, and at least it’s better than leaving the little’uns baking in the car with the windows rolled up, as pachinko-addicted parents are prone to do, if the newspapers are anything to go by. I wonder if the kids will be drinking the hilarious kids’ beer, Kodomo No Nomimono. […]

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