Bland Shop

I found a flyer for a hip-hop shop in Yokohama which takes pride in their products being “bland.” They use the word “bland” no less than eight times on their flyer, so being dull and uninspiring must be their ethos!

I’m interested in this “bland new mix.” Presumably it features Kenny G and the Lighthouse Family.

9 Responses to Bland Shop

  1. I blame English Teachers for the locals exhibiting such poor English skills (both written and verbal).

    Oh, hang on a minute – I’m a teacher !

    But seriously, Korea is suffused with seriously questionable English (a school near my house being called “Toss English” springs to mind).

  2. roaf says:

    By freakish coincidence, a friend of mine named Frank who taught in Korea showed me a picture of “Toss English.” I wonder if they live up to their name!

  3. I’d say the odds are 1/4 that they do !

  4. Simaldeff says:

    I went there … but all they had to sell left a brand taste.

  5. Most of those hip-hop NEW SINGLES or AWESOME REMIXES or that sort of junk is pretty bland anyway, so they’re being more honest than they know…

  6. roaf says:

    I’d be interested to hear some intentionally bland hip-hop. Someone rapping about sunday afternoons, carpet slippers and de-caffinated coffee.

  7. A bland brand of a trend, maybe!
    Stop shooting!

  8. roaf says:

    Don’t you mean “tlend”?

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