“Draft Beer” Dance Song

Here’s a God-awful Eurobeat song by a group called Impressione. Released last year, the tune is called “Nama Biiru” which means “Draft beer” in Japanese. Quite why a European dance music act is singing about Japanese beer is anyone’s guess, but the song certainly sticks in your head.

4 Responses to “Draft Beer” Dance Song

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  2. MaksimilijanBol says:

    The song is either in Croatian or Serbian, they are pretty much the same. The scenery looks though like Croatia but it might be Monte Negro. Anyway “Nama biru” (without the adjoined extra i) could be translated as someone calling the waiter saying beer for all of us in a very gay (suck ass) manner. The rest of the song has nothing to do with beer, its something about after seven years I still feel you. TOTAL CRAP!!! Never heard of “Impressione” but if they had to pull all the way to Japan to make a breakthrough – good for them bad for Japanese. Drown them in the Pacific, I sez!

  3. roaf says:

    I must say, I’m impressed by your language skills! We seem to agree that the song is terrible.

  4. Nu System Draft…

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