Japanese Drinking Games. No#3: The “Battle Royale” Game

This drinking game is not strictly Japanese, but it’s based on a Japanese movie, “Battle Royale”. I happened upon the rules to the game on LazyDork.com which is marvelous site full of drinking games based on films as diverse as “Saw” and “Sleepless in Seattle”. You have to drink each time certain recurring incidents take place on screen, which always results in much drunken abandon (be careful while playing the “Brokeback Mountain” game!) The site is lots of fun, but one can only imagine what the hell playing the drinking game based on “Hotel Rwanda” must be like.

“Battle Royale” is a movie in which a class of delinquent high schoolers are drugged, dumped on a desert island and forced to kill each other until one one person remains, as part of some warped governmental experiment. A very excellent movie. If knocking back shots while watching a flick about Japanese teens dispatching each other with knives and machine guns is your idea of a good time, read on.
Here’s how you play:

Drink Every Time . . .

1. A new weapon is shown

2. Someone breaks down emotionally

3. Anyone dies
(MAKE IT A DOUBLE IF . . . it’s a suicide)

4. A flashback occurs

5. Anyone shoots a basket

6. Anyone talks about a crush or someone being “cute”

7. A new danger zone is declared

Anytime a student’s name and number is read or shown (i.e. “Shuya Nanahara – Boys #15”)

Why not give this charming and wholesome little game a try. Although, once the booze kicks in, the subtitles may begin to blur.

15 Responses to Japanese Drinking Games. No#3: The “Battle Royale” Game

  1. ramblingsofaculturefreak says:

    I should play that game on of this days…most likely…I wont even remenber the movie after that!

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, then you can play it again next week!

  3. clarkebruce says:

    That Lazy Dork site is great.

  4. roaf says:

    Yeah. I’ve got a few of the movies lying around in my house, so I’ll try and play a game next time I’m bored. They have some really unexpected films on the list, like “Driving Miss Daisy!” Battle Royale was the only Japanese movie I could find on the site.

  5. On a completely different note:
    Have ou ever heard of the “Trou breton”/”Breton hole” (I mean Bretagne in France)
    When I was in the French Air Force, it was a pretty popular way to get absolutely wasted, although I managed to get away from it.
    For whatever reason when someone had to be punished in a bar, he would be served in the same glass a measure of all the drinks available and made drink the lot!

  6. Locke says:

    Might as well just chug a bottle of Jaeger.

  7. Pro says:

    Ok this isn’t new. Hillbillies during the winter that have nothing to do, have been making drinking games to just about any movie you can think of. example:
    1. A cracker gets stuffed in Yago’s Mouth
    2. Every time you get caught singing
    3. Every time you hear “diamond in the rough”
    4. When the carpet moves

  8. tarras says:

    try this one:
    evry players watch 5 different random channels on the telly. for every black person you see you have to drink one.

  9. Paul M says:

    Must play these with beer or you will die may not be able to finish only the best do!

    Willy Wonka – Very Hard everytime they say or you see the word wonka.

    Rudy – Average difficulty – Every time they say rudy or you see a football. When they chant rudy, rudy, rudy in the end its chug time for about a minute.

    Hard because you get drunk and the bloating from shots of beer.

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