Banana and Alligator Park

While in the resort area of Izu today, I noticed signs featuring a rather gormless and possibly lobotomized alligator.

They were advertisements for a place called “Banana Wani Park,” which is a small fun-park themed around bananas and alligators. A surreal concept for a place, I trust you’ll agree, and I have no idea quite why two such diverse subjects as bananas and alligators have been put together and celebrated.
(It could be “banana and crocodile park” actually, as there is only one word for both crocodiles and alligators in Japanese, “wani.” This fact inspired me to find out the difference between the two animals. Apparently, alligators have U-shaped heads, while crocodiles are V-shaped. Also crocs don’t mind salt water, but gators can’t tolerate it. In Japan, turtles and tortoises also share one name, (“kame”), as do mice and rats (“nezumi”), which means that, in Japan, Mickey Mouse may as well be called “Mickey Rat”. Not so cute now, eh! Anyway, I digress…)
I’m in favour of more theme-parks which unite random animals and fruit for seemingly no reason. How about “Strawberry Rhinoceros Park” or “Mango Zebra Park?” Or perhaps “Raspberry Sloth Park” or even “Guava Donkey Park”? These tourist attractions would make the world a better place.

8 Responses to Banana and Alligator Park

  1. simaldeff says:

    In your opinion : what fruit would go well with the Platypus? That’s a big question.

  2. simaldeff says:

    Papaya Platypus park? … 5 P’s might be too much … but it gives a nice rhythms to it.

    • Ozge says:

      Thanks so much for the udapte, Nat!I don't think I told you my son will be working another year in Ishioka. The only thing the quake etc changed for him is that he was thinking of coming home for a visit between the school years, and will now wait until summer holidays since traveling right now would be a big hassle. He's about 175km from the power plant and feels the exact same way you do, Nat. (I need to send this post of yours to some of my alarmist family members!) I am not surprised at all by my son's decision — once I discerned the facts from the sensationalism, I knew he'd stay. And I'm happy he can do what he wants to do. My heart continues to go out to the country and its people.

  3. roaf says:

    It’s difficult to say without spitting.

  4. Kumquat & Shark Magnificent Happytime Amusement Centre.

    A pairing of an abnormally small citrus fruit and a freakishly oversized fish. How could such a paradoxical attraction fail to succeed?

  5. roaf says:

    Ha! that actually sounds like a real place!

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