Japanese Hip-Hop Dancers

Me and a buddy went to a Japanese hip-hop club the other day, drawn in by the flyer above. Can you guess why?
I have to say, the women in this club were throwing down some eyeball-scorchingly raunchy dance-moves. Evidently they’d seen a couple of sleazy “2 Live Cru” videos on MTV and taken them way too seriously, but I wasn’t complaining. These dance-hall divas were also doing some impressive acrobatics which resembled a jaw-dropping mixture of Flashdance and the Chinese State Circus, throwing themselves all over the room, body-popping, bouncing off walls, and waving their arses in the air. The only ladies who weren’t dancing were in wheelchairs, or hobbling around on crutches, apparently injured while attempting overly-ambitious dancefloor stunts.
Luckily I had my trusty disposable camera at hand!

*Note the crutch behind the couple dirty-dancing in the last picture!

19 Responses to Japanese Hip-Hop Dancers

  1. owen says:

    crutch hahahahha. whos is it? the girl or the guy?

  2. roaf says:

    I’m pretty sure it was the girl’s. It didn’t stop her dancing, though!

  3. clarkebruce says:


    Are there any normal bars in Japan?

  4. Woeful says:

    How ripe were the fruits?

  5. roaf says:

    Very ripe and juicy, Woeful! Interesting name for an event, don’t you think. I think there are some normal bars in japan, Bruce, but I never seem to go to them!

  6. yensen says:

    those Japanese really know how to make hip hop even better. Funny thing I saw is how they learn to dance hip hop moves, by watching cartoons!

  7. Ryan says:

    mad thing hiphop/regggea/dancehall is a big thing in japan.big up

  8. Mickey Factz says:

    Your RSS feed is not working on my site. I am currectly using Google Chrome.

  9. I like this site…excellent info. Will keep it as a favorite. Do you have a twitter page?

  10. Miami Mike says:

    When hip hop first began critics said it would be a temporary underground fad that will go away; similiar to hairstyles, but 30 years later it is on TV, Dominates the radio airwaves, and is shared by all races on each continent.

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