Ill-Advised Name for a Bar

Here’s a picture of a late-night sports bar called “Bar Holic” in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Honesty is clearly their policy.

5 Responses to Ill-Advised Name for a Bar

  1. I recently saw a flyer here in Cambodia which read:

    ‘Taking alcoholism seriously since 1997 …’

    As you say, sometimes honesty really is the best policy !

  2. roaf says:

    Haha! Trust you to find that place.

  3. ramblingsofaculturefreak says:

    mmm…I think that’s the Angkor What bar Slogan!!!…

  4. roaf says:

    I must go to Cambodia!

  5. mbt sawa shoes Ill-Advised Name for a Bar | Gaijin Tonic

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