Weird Bar Names in Osaka

Andrew Hill in Osaka has kindly sent me some pics of some amusingly-named local bars. The last one sounds particularly scary! (unless you’re into that sort of thing.)
The first pub-sign appears to have been customized by some inebriated prankster but, in Japan, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “Blow Me” was the actual bar name.

Read more ridiculous Japanese bar names here.

6 Responses to Weird Bar Names in Osaka

  1. Robert-Gilles Martineau says:

    Why do I have the impression that your friends have developed a prurient interest for deviations?

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, maybe I’m corrupting people!

  3. TekeGaijin says:

    Haha when I took that last pic, I was curious, but more disgusted. Right next to it was a place called Club Ash that advertised “Hard Office Play.” A guy standing out front talked to me and gave me the impression it was a Hostess Bar that offered happy endings. Really it was just another night in Namba.

  4. roaf says:

    “Hard Office Play”?! Sounds like a crazy joint!
    Yeah, Namba is a fun place.

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