Fun For Everyone

Time for another dispatch from the Land of the Rising Blood-Alcohol Level. First off, look at this flyer I found for a party in Tokyo which is especially for idiots. Looks fun! I would have felt at home there but, idiot that I am, I entirely forgot about it until about five minutes ago.

How nice that someone thought to throw a party just for morons. I wonder if all the PE teachers could make it.

This party goes to show that in Tokyo everyone is looked after. Indeed, no matter who you are, there’s a place for you to party on down. For instance, there’s a pub in Shinjuku just for people called Keith.

…and there’s another one just for people with the name Harrison.

If your name is Keith Harrison you’re particularly well catered for.

There’s even a bar in Roppongi for private detectives. Gumshoes can drink at “Detective Bar Answer” and chat to fellow private dicks, and potential clients can come there to secure their services in a casual setting. The bar staff are, themselves, moonlighting detectives, and they decorate the walls of the bar with investigation reports and surveillance photos. They even have novelty cocktails and snacks with names like “Love-Hate Relationship” and “Capricious Nuts.”

I’d imagine Detective Bar Answer is a good place to pick up women, because it’s full of jealous housewives keen on cuckolding their philandering hubbies. But, if that is your intention, Roppongi has no end of sleazy establishments. Also in Roppongi is an S&M-themed bar called “Fetish Bar Mistress” with assorted Mistresses and slaves in attendance to serve you (or vice-versa.)

So, no matter what kind of weird shit you’re into, you’ll find somewhere to go in Tokyo.

6 Responses to Fun For Everyone

  1. clarkebruce says:

    I used to work with a bloke called Keith Harrison. True story. (Though he would have been more at home in the idiot bar).

  2. roaf says:

    Haha! That’s classic.

  3. Yet again, you leave me wishing I was being educated in Tokyo rather than here.

  4. pudgym says:

    I would think that whoever manages the Internet geographical domain “.sm” (San Marino? Serbia and Montenegro? Somalia? St. Pierre and Miquelon?) should be issuing domain names like crazy for Japanese erotic webmasters. 😉

  5. Hey Im attempting to sign up for your blog feed , but it’s not functioning properly. Whats happening ??

  6. Just wanted to let you know that your sidebar doesn’t look right in safari

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