Gene Hackman Japanese Beer Ads

Here’s an embarrassing collection of old Japanese ads for starring the usually great Gene Hackman, miscast as a romantic lead. These commercials are hilarious because Hackman looks tired, confused and disorientated throughout, and has to say incomprehensible things like “dry…dry.”

10 Responses to Gene Hackman Japanese Beer Ads

  1. Mike says:

    Poor ol’ Gene. Laughed till I almost cried.
    Wish I was here in the 80s….

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, it would have been amazing then!
    I wonder if this was the inspiration for Bill Murray’s whiskey commercial in Lost in Translation.

  3. pudgym says:

    At least it is beer. Pathetic Tommy Lee Jones is relegated to coffee. 😉

  4. roaf says:

    The most embarrassing was the series of ads with Dennis Hopper searching for a rubber ducky.

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  6. Tangy says:

    Back in the early 90’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger did an add with a pop starlet of the day, Miyazawa Rie, who married 500-pound rikishi Konishiki, for one of the revitalizing drinks sold in the little bottles. The tag line for the CM was “Daijo-bui” and they made a “V” sign at the camera. I remember Arnold’s clothing as ridiculously gaudy. All this around the time Terminator 2 was coming out! Good stuff.

  7. Tangy says:

    Tom Berrenger did an add for a cigarette company in which he played a Bond-esque character escaping through European streets in a sports car.

  8. Tangy says:

    Peter Falk did an add in which he played a bartender who consoles a Japanese man who’s just turned 30. He gives him whiskey. Works all the time.

  9. roaf says:

    Cool, I’ll have to seek those out on Youtube!

    So, Konishiki married a cute starlet?
    There’s hope for me yet!

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