Attention, Class

My friend Ethan arrived home at his poky second-floor apartment one evening, exhausted after several hours of teaching. After he unlocked the door, kicked off his shoes and staggered into the living room, much to his surprise he discovered one of his students, a nurse, waiting for him on the sofa. A surprising development after a mundane day in an English conversation school.

The obsessive woman had been pursuing Ethan for quite a while, booking lessons with him as often as possible, and persistently hanging around outside the school. Finally, she had somehow got hold of his address and broken into his flat after climbing onto his balcony. This was an audacious invasion of privacy, behaviour which could be legitimately branded as stalking.

Thoughts raced through Ethan’s mind when he laid eyes on the crazy woman, sat there smiling at him suggestively. What should he do? Throw her out into the street or try to talk to her? Notify his superiors at work, or call the police and seek a restraining order?
His decision?
He shagged her.

Now it’s fair to say that this was an unorthodox course of action, and surely not one that experts would recommend. However, it seemed to do the trick. She never bothered him again. Far from disturbed by the experience, the one thing which bothered Ethan was the girl’s loss of interest after he’d delivered the goods. He took this as something of a slight on his performance.

19 Responses to Attention, Class

  1. Woeful says:

    LOL… I was just going to write that her disappearance isn’t too flattering! 😉

  2. Viet says:

    Ouch, a huge hit on his manhood.

    But on the bright side he got two things out of it.

  3. dragonlife says:

    Maa, maa!
    My impression is that it was not the woman’s first attempt (I mean he was not the first one for her!).
    A nurse?
    What was she looking for?
    He probably did the right thing!
    Or am I too kind?

  4. roaf says:

    Yeah, it was probably the only way to get rid of her. And the most fun!
    He got over the knock to his manhood soon enough.

  5. Deena says:

    Hope she didn’t have the herps.

  6. roaf says:

    Yep, that’s a distinct possibility!

  7. dragonlife says:

    From a nurse?

  8. びっくり says:

    Certainly looks like he should considered the monastic life: no risk of his weak sexual ability being discovered, plus lots of good alcohol is brewed by monks.

    I am curious if she said, “Lip my stocking.”

    I had a new experience tonight and searched your blog for it unsuccessfully. We had hirezake, which is atsukan sake with slightly charred blowfish fins steeping in it. Quite tasty. I hear some shops make it with a little of the ovarian poison included to give your tongue a tingly feeling. I’m not crazy enough to try that… are you willing to oblige? We’d love to see a write-up. (If you survive, that is.) 😉

  9. Tekegaijin says:

    It sucks to be your friend. kind of. well maybe not. But hirezake is frickin amazing.

  10. roaf says:

    Ok, I’ll have to look out for hirezake and give it a try.
    I’ve had fugu (the poisonous blowfish) so I’m sure I could have a little “ovarian poison.”

  11. Woman in dire straits after eating fugu from an unliscensed dealer:

  12. roaf says:

    …I spoke too soon!

  13. ramblingsofaculturefreak says:

    Well maybe he shagged her the violent, nasty, perverted way….maybe she was just expecting sweet love making. Still….that was some naughty nurse…looking for action!

  14. Chris B says:

    Broke into a house and expected sweet love making?
    I think the opposite! She wanted to be punished for her actions and all he wanted was some soft toss and a cuddle!

  15. roaf says:

    Are the last two comments the voice of experience? Pray, tell. Heheh!

  16. jinx says:

    You might want to console Ethan by telling him that he was already exhausted, plus he had to deal with a lady stalker who probably fantasized about how great he would be so many times, that he couldn’t match her wildest desires. Besides, she was also waiting for him there for a while, so it’d be a wonder if everything went perfectly 🙂

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