Painless Dentist

Thanks to Frank for this picture of a weirdly-named dentist’s in Yokohama. The sign looks like something you might see hanging outside an old British country pub. “Ye Olde Dentist.” Perhaps it’s painless because they’re tranquilizing the patients with pints of brown ale.

18 Responses to Painless Dentist

  1. Woeful says:

    … The Slaughtered Boar – Dentistry: Pour yourself a Bass and take a seat!

  2. OMG my husband should have gone there for his dentistry when we lived in Japan. Wheeee, painless dentist (no mention of painless dentistry or painless dental work or painless recovery process).

    Just a guess: the dentist is painless because he’s taking hits from the laughing gas.

  3. Jon says:

    If they have Newcastle Brown Ale, I am happy.

  4. roaf says:

    When the dentist himself is drinking Newcastle brown ale is when you should start worrying.

  5. simaldeff says:

    My pa’ is a dentist … he dont give you beer but if you ask you can have a snif at his “relaxing gas” thingy … just awesome.
    Painless dentis <—- because it’s the patient feeling the pain … NOT the dentist … so the dentist is painless.

  6. Chris B says:

    In Hawaii they put a little nose mask on me and gassed me with sodium pentathol (sic)
    I did not feel any pain…I did not feel anything.

  7. roaf says:

    I remember being doped up on morphine for a couple of days after I had my wisdom teeth removed. Quite a pleasant feeling!

    Yeah, Simaldeff you’re right, it should be “Painless Patient”!

  8. I’ve had my teeth cleaned a few times here in Japan and every time, I think the guy spends more time dragging that cleaning tool across my f’ing gums rather than my teeth. Last time, I was spitting out blood for two days.

    Goddamned Butchers!

  9. Nick Ramsay says:

    For a whole year, I put off having a wisdom tooth removed because of all the horror stories about Japanese dentists. When the pain became too much, I gave in and went to the dentist. Within 15 minutes, the thing was out and the pain was gone. The dentist did a great job!

  10. dragonlife says:

    Holy Macaroni!
    What does he use? A hammer?
    Roaf, not to change the subject, some someone found my sushi blog with the search term, “girl wrapped in cellophane”!

  11. Viet says:

    For some reason I picture the Japanese as the British equivalent when it comes to dental hygiene….

  12. Chris B says:

    “For some reason I picture the Japanese as the British equivalent when it comes to dental hygiene….”


    I think the Japanese win….er.. lose that race!

  13. roaf says:

    Hey, I’m British! And my teeth are …er…OK… kind of.
    Seriously, though, I think the Japanese leave us in the dust when it comes to shocking teeth.

  14. simaldeff says:

    I wouldn’t like to pass as a racist, so don’t misunderstand me, but the fact that most Japaneses (not most bu a lot let’s say) have horrible teethes is due to their ethnicity. In fact Japanese in general lack a frontal bone – I don’t remember exactly which one – (it’s a tendency … not every japanese people have this problem) in the upper mandible, infact they don’t have enough space for all their 32 teethes which makes the bigger ones (a.k.a. the canines) comes forward (or sometime backward) in the mandible.
    That’s why a lot of japanese (Polynesians and Indonesians too by the way) have this “ants mandible”-shaped frontal teethes formations.
    Ok, I know this sounds not precise … but that’s my father that explained it to me and he wasn’t precise either and I’m not a dentist, I’m a programmer (a.k.a computer geek).
    BTW this ethnicity characteristic is the same as the Scotsmen having ginger-heads or people from Sardinia being really short.

  15. roaf says:

    That’s interesting. Seems to be less the case with the younger people, I find.
    I didn’t know Sardinians wee short, either!

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