Little Cat

The Italian restaurant below took my interest not because they spelled “Italian” with an “R”, but because its name is not Italian but English, and it has nothing at all to do with cuisine (unless they serve kitten pizzas.) Apparently the Japanese obsession with all things cute even infects the restaurant industry!

9 Responses to Little Cat

  1. Woeful says:

    Everybody likes a little pussy.

  2. simaldeff says:

    Mispelling is childishly kawaii in a certain way.

  3. roaf says:

    Great gag, Woeful! Why didn’t I think of that one?

  4. somuch says:


    By the way, even been here?

  5. simaldeff says:

    somuch! My life will feel incomplete until I go take something at that coffee shop … ROFL!
    Really japanese people have a great talent for picking names.

  6. dragonlife says:

    I wouldn’t complain too much. Do you remember the place called “Labia” in Shizuoka City I mentioned some time ago? Still have to take a pic of that. Problem it is 90 minutes away by bicycle!

  7. clarkebruce says:

    Bad ass coffee = probably needs a stronger filter

  8. roaf says:

    I think those guys are pretty clever though, because they put a donkey on the sign… to cover their asses, so to speak.

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