Bizarre Japanese Amateur Team Names

Japanese amateur sport teams often have highly unique and inventive English names. Obscure clubs from remote towns are always the most entertaining (like the tiny Wakayama badminton circle, “The Tony Tony Choppars,” for example.)
High-school and university teams, in particular, gleefully ignore the convention of choosing heroic, macho-sounding words, instead opting for cute and catchy phrases like “Santa Claus” or “See You Again.”

Also, inappropriately menacing monikers are popular, like Nagoya basketball team “The Snipers.” Kyoto University is one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious universities, located in a city renowned for its fascinating history and culture. So why the hell is their American football team called “The Gangsters”?

My personal favourite team name is Kinki University’s American football team, “The Kinki Devils.”
Below are some pictures of the more odd names I’ve happened upon.

22 Responses to Bizarre Japanese Amateur Team Names

  1. simaldeff says:

    Some are downright incromprensible :
    Doshisha university’s Wild Rovers (1st Division of Kansai League college Football) or their rivals the Ryokoku univ’s Sea Horses … maybe sea horses are menacing as they are considered to be the larvae’s of dragons in Japan and China?
    The Wakayama Blind Sharks, Ryutsu Kagaku U. Voyagers and many more (I stopped at Division 2 here, of the kansai league).
    You can see more at
    There is also the Kanto League (
    What about the Xleague … the Onward Skylarks (that had a former yokozuna as a lineman once) the Seagles, the ROCBULL, the Diaz, … there is even a teams name IBM Big Blue !!!
    But my all time favourite is the ALL TOKYO’s GAS CREATORS !!!! OMFG!!!!
    That’s awesome! (
    Really Japan is the best country EVER!!!

  2. roaf says:

    Wow, thanks for the info. Haha! The Gas Creators! What did they eat?
    I suppose you might be playing for one of theses college teams soon!
    Actually, I’ve often wondered why more American football players don’t become sumo wrestlers. I think they’d be good at it!
    There are some classic names on those links you mentioned.
    I like “The Thundering Legion Lions,” “Sagittarius,” “The Gamblers,” and “Siegfried” in Kansai. In kanto, I like “Green Machine,” “Green Monsters,” “Assassins,” and Tokyo Gakugei University’s not very dynamic-sounding “Snails.”

  3. You know, college basketball teams in the U.S. often have mascots that differ from other teams’ mascots by just a color. For example, one team is ‘The Devils’ and another is ‘The Blue Devils’ or ‘Red Devils’. This leads me to believe that the Kyoto Showers basketball team has a rival out there somewhere called the The Golden Showers.

  4. roaf says:

    Please let that be true!

  5. simaldeff says:

    The golden showers? WOW
    Actually I was afraid I’d might go to play for the Hokkaido Daigaku’s GREENS !!!!
    I do love my veggies but … the GREENS!!! come on!
    I didn’t even go see the names for the 2nd and 3rd division of the Xleague.
    I’d like to point out that many teams in the non-college amateur league ( are sponsored by a beer factory therefore you have the
    Asahi Beer Silver Star -3rd place in the East conference of the Xleague div 1
    Asahi Soft Drink Challengers – 2nd in the West conference div 1
    Asahi Beer Tech Golden fighters – div 2 block west.

    I really hope that I will be able to play college football … in Japan. LOL that’d be nice.

  6. Jon says:

    Concentric Circle. That’s my favorite. Those concentric circles can be pretty intimidating. Alot more than a Wolvarine or a Raider

  7. Chris B says:

    I had a 9 year old girl come in last Saturday with a shirt that had a smiling squirrel? with a caption that said “kiss my beaver”.

    I started to say something then just….stopped.

  8. Mark says:

    Wow… the worst one is probably “concentric circle” – although “see you again?” comes close.

  9. clarkebruce says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the BJs

  10. […] dont know about the uniforms yet. But at least my team got a decent name (refer to this post to know what I’m talking about – ref. Gaijintonic): TiTech Buffaloes. Classical […]

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  18. […] Some substantially weirder names exist at the amateur level, for which we invite you to peruse this post. […]

  19. […] Some substantially weirder names exist at the amateur level, for which we invite you to peruse this post. […]

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