Santa Claus is a Tokyo Hobo

Santa Claus seems to have fallen on hard times in the dry season after Christmas. I spotted Old Saint Nick, covered in filth, rummaging through dustbins in Maedai-Mae in Tokyo. Clearly desperate for cash, Santa has taken to busking with a saxophone.

6 Responses to Santa Claus is a Tokyo Hobo

  1. simaldeff says:

    seasonal workers have it though during the rest of the year. He has a wife, reins and so many elves to feed all year long.

  2. billywest says:

    I saw a drunk salaryman pay him for a BJ in Ueno a couple of months back. I chased the guy off and gave Santa a 1000 yen.

  3. billywest says:

    Not for a BJ, mind you. Kind of like a tip for all the cool crap he got me when I was a kid.

  4. roaf says:

    I heard he just got some money by selling his reindeer to the glue factory.

  5. Chris B says:

    For the love of _____!!! please help Santa!!!
    He hooked me up somethin’ proper as a youth. I was real bad and he still gave me the goods.

  6. Pudgym29 says:

    Who was he trying to sound like? Paul Desmond, or John Coltrane?

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