Drunk Japanese Police

“Why don’t the police in Japan do something to stop mischievous booze-hounds like you?” you may ask.
Well, they don’t because they’re shit-faced as well!
According to Japan Today, 26 police officers were busted for drunk driving in 2006 alone, the irresponsible loons.

One such piss-head cop is Yukio Yasuda , a 51 year old sergeant of Shiminoseki, Yamaguchi. Last November, he decided to go on a joyride down the highway after guzzling some shochu. He slammed into the back of another car at a red light, and was given a breathalizer test, which he failed. “I drank four or five glasses of shochu before driving. I’m terribly sorry” Yasuda slurred. He faces punitive measures.

A couple of months ago in Osaka, a mid-ranking police officer called Mitsuyoshi Sumida got sloshed on sake after a night shift, and decided it would be fun to burn around town on his police motorbike in the early afternoon. The horseplay ended when he tumbled off his bike and it smashed into an oncoming car. No-one was hurt, but I don’t think old Mitsuyoshi will be up for promotion anytime soon, the naughty nincompoop.

Meanwhile, another very drunk policeman, in Kyoto, had the genius idea of snapping the windscreen wipers off a car. This Jackass-style tomfoolery cost him a promotion. Way to go, Supercop!

Finally, a 60-year policeman in Okayama prefecture was so wasted that he turned up for work dressed in his pajamas, and scratched his car against a guard rail. This fine, upstanding officer of the law was fired for his shenanigans.
It’s not very reassuring, knowing that the police officers watching over us are sixty year old piss-heads in pajamas.

11 Responses to Drunk Japanese Police

  1. Woeful says:

    I would think that this would be a severe dishonor… No?

  2. simaldeff says:

    So in the end … japanese policemen are like any other policemen in the world.

  3. roaf says:

    Yeah, they’re just like the Irish cops in the states!

    Indeed, Woeful, they are probably deeply ashamed of their actions.

  4. Jon says:

    It get boring just sitting in the Koban all day long. Gotta find something to do. Why not drink. I would.

  5. bjlink says:

    So these police officers, who are in charge of upholding the law, can drink and drive and it only hurts them professionally, while the rest of us, if caught drunk driving, lose our licenses, must go to traffic school, pay hefty penalties, face possible jail time, have it on our record for years following the incident and run the risk of being admonished or even fired by our employers (not to mention the media focusing on the terrible foreigners running rampant in the city). Shouldn’t the cops be held to a higher standard than the citizens, seeing as how they are “trusted” and “responsible” members of society who have the power and authority to enforce the law?

  6. roaf says:

    Yeah, you would think so.

  7. billywest says:

    Hey! At least the Irish cops use their nightsticks once in a while. A decent public service, if you ask me.

  8. simaldeff says:

    bjlink : what would be the good part of being a policemen if they didn’t have some privileges? LOL

  9. dragonlife says:

    If I were you I would try to catch one red-handed, take a pic, and next time you are apprehended, show the proof to your local police station and I can assure you will go sot-free! LOL

  10. Chris B says:

    The local Popo chief in my area is a close relative of a the areas biggest Yak. I can only imagine what benefits they each enjoy from the other??

  11. roaf says:

    Conveniently for me, the local Police Chief was one of my students for a while and I’ve been out to karaoke with him a couple of times. Hopefully that connection might come in handy if I get into trouble in the future!

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