Ball Eggs

I’m currently hunting for a new flat in my beloved Tokyo (which is no mean feat: finding someone foolhardy enough have a giant, accident-prone foreigner as a tenant is proving to be the mother of all headaches.)
Here’s a picture of one of the apartment rental agencies I’ve encountered. If anyone has any idea why “Ball Eggs” might be an appropriate name for a real estate agency, please let me know!

10 Responses to Ball Eggs

  1. Woeful says:

    How spacious is that flat at 105,000 Yen? Is that per month? That works out to just over $1000 USD. In Manhattan you wouldn’t be able to rent a morgue drawer for that.

  2. roaf says:

    I suspect that place is roughly the size of a morgue drawer!
    My current apartment is only 50,000 yen but it’s in the suburbs of Yokohama, and about the size of a shoebox.

  3. Jon says:

    I would definately spend a little bit more for a morgue box.

  4. billywest says:

    You can find a 6-tatami place in Itabashi-ku or Nerima for around ¥60,000. A friend of mine just moved into a place (at the height of relocation season) for ¥59,000 a month and ¥150,000 down. If you’re looking at South Tokyo, Balleggs isn’t gonna cut it, I think.

  5. simaldeff says:

    If you want to find a place … don’t show them your book or your blog!
    good luck on the search.

  6. @simaldeff: That just goes to show that what you don’t know CAN hurt you! (:

  7. roaf says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll go to the agency wearing a suit and acting like an angel.

    Thaks for the tips, Billy. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be giong with Balleggs!

  8. dragonlife says:

    They certainly have the balls, haven’t they! LOL

  9. PudgyM says:

    Danny Choo has a weblog entry on purchasing property in Japan. Look at it: h**p://

  10. roaf says:

    I’m just looking to rent now.
    i actually just found a place in Tokyo. Woo-hoo!

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