Drunk Japanese People

Hi! Excuse the infrequency of my writing lately (I’ve been out of the country for two weeks and my computer has broken. Sob.) Hopefully this PC problem will be sorted out soon. In the meantime, check out these videos of random drunk Japanese people!

4 Responses to Drunk Japanese People

  1. heidi says:

    i have a friend visiting from the states so we took her out the the other night to our fave hole in the wall. it was a quiet weeknight. we were there for a while when an older japanese fellow sat beside her at the bar and kept staring at us with the dopiest grin on his face (which really isnt that unusual). he had small gold table clock that he kept trying to give to us. why, we never figured out. we more or less ignored him, for as much was possible. next thing we know, he has removed his coat and is wearing blue plaid flannel pajamas and is dancing like a crazy man with the flailing arms going every witch way. he managed to get into all of our pictures and had to be kicked out when he started trying to nuzzling our breasts with his face. now i know its not the most bizzare thing to happen but it doesnt happen to me ever day that i encounter a crazy pajama man. im just glad my friend got the chance to experience a little bit of the crazy before she goes back home. but i have a feeling there may be more in store before the big bird takes her home!!!

  2. billywest says:

    Those vids like every place in my neighborhood on Friday night.

  3. roaf says:

    Too true, Billy. I should start taking my video camera out with me more often.

    Like the story, Heidi. No trip to Japan would be complete without meeting an eccentric, drunken old man.

  4. Logan says:

    cool stuff i hope i get to read more updates

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