Kentucky Fried X-Ray

Lou Fattorusso has sent me an email about an bizarre development at KFC in Japan. Thanks Lou!
Read on…

So Im strolling along the streets of Tokyo when I duck into a KFC…I place my order and sit down…when I open the bag, I examine a mysterious piece of paper inside…I wonder…is this the underground vault where the keep the secret recipe? As it turned out it is the direction map for where the bones are located in my chicken part…the things I LOVE about this town

6 Responses to Kentucky Fried X-Ray

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  2. billywest says:

    Hey, this will save my front teeth some serious grindage when I bite into a piece in a drunken stupor.

  3. simaldeff says:

    Danger lurks in place never to be suspected. And I was about to bite there too!
    People really don’t know how close they are at getting it good everyday!
    thanx KFC Japan to think about us.

  4. roaf says:

    I’m surprised the scientists at KFC haven’t genetically engineered chickens without bones yet.

  5. Headbang8 says:

    Ah, but Roaf, they HAVE engineered chicken without bones. That’s where we get Chicken McNuggets!

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