“Cooking with Dog”: How to Make Umeshu

Below is a useful video about how to make Japanese plum wine. I’m fond of umeshu and sometimes order it in Japanese bars. Now I can make it at home, too!
Too sophisticated for this site? I forgot to mention- it’s narrated by the voice in the head of a creepy-looking poodle. The video is part of a series frighteningly named “Cooking with Dog”, but don’t worry- dog is not on the menu. the dog is actually doing the cooking it would seem. (Not the most hygenic of kitchens then!)

2 Responses to “Cooking with Dog”: How to Make Umeshu

  1. Hi,
    this a funny video but it tells all you need to know to make a good umeshu – I hope the dog also gets some when it is ready for drinking.

    I love Umeshu and found out that there are more than 300 private labels in Japan that offer a wide range of flavors. It is great fun to drink you way through all the different Umeshu 🙂

  2. buzz facebook video…

    […]“Cooking with Dog”: How to Make Umeshu « Gaijin Tonic[…]…

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