Strong Stuff

There’s a growing demand in Japan for the kind of high-alcohol beers and alco-pops that strapped-for-cash teenagers and homeless guys guzzle in parks in the UK. Chemical concoctions akin to Special Brew, with the power of paint stripper, aimed to get you utterly wasted for as cheap as possible.
Kirin’s new “Hyoketsu Lemon Strong”, a vodka-based alco-pop, contains 7% alcohol, and has been selling like hotcakes.

Thanks to Lemon Strong’s success, Kirin will soon be releasing “Strong Seven”, which sounds like a kung-fu movie, but is actually a happoshu (fake beer) which is also 7% alcohol.
Penny-pinching piss-heads throughout the nation are rubbing their hands with glee and anticipation.

Read more at Japan Marketing News.

4 Responses to Strong Stuff

  1. Jeff says:

    Haha… As apposed to the 6.7% variety? Still think it’s damn funny you used to drink it at lunch. Actually the manager from the Kannai school used to have a beer with his lunch… I saw him pull it out of his bento a few times…

  2. JOseph King says:

    I drank a beer that was 14% alc once. a belgain chocolate beer. went downhil from there

  3. roaf says:

    My God. 14% chocolate beer? That’s asking for trouble!

  4. pear says:

    When I lived in PNG the local brewery put out a 10% beer for a very (very) short time only. I drank a truckload one night at my normal pace and was utterly wasted. Those were the days…

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