Yogurt Pepsi

Today I tried Pepsi’s new yogurt-flavoued pop. It tastes a little like cow piss, …I mean Calpis, and a lot like cream soda.

It’s actually unexpectedly tasty, much like last year’s Cucumber Pepsi. But I’m not known for my taste.

8 Responses to Yogurt Pepsi

  1. jordanreed says:

    Sounds pretty good to me. There aren’t chunks of anything in there right?

  2. nick says:

    just as a note, has anyone been on engrish.com recently? i always find myself laughing till i have no breath

  3. billywest says:

    I heard that stuff’s got goat-jizz from Turkey in it.

    I’m just telling you what I heard, ok…?

  4. Tornadoes28 says:

    It sounds disgusting.

  5. Shu says:

    You should be a hand model. Like George Costanza or David Duchovny in Zoolander.
    You have natural talent, just need the training.. and the manicures..

    Sorry I was fascinated by your hand modelling i forgot this was about Pepsi White.. bit racist aint it? What about us other cultural minorities.. it’s about black or white.. what about Pepsi Yellow? Pepsi Red? what other colours are there?

  6. roaf says:

    Pepsi is very multicultural here.

    I had a friend who was a hand model for a Sega Game Gear ad years ago, funnily enough. I reckon I could do it becuase my big hands would make everything look “compact”!

  7. memomachine says:


    Is there anyone in the entire world, other than the Japanese, who would even consider trying out “Pepsi Yellow”??

    Pepsi by itself kinda tastes like piss. Coloring it yellow and adding in God knows only what would result in … ?

  8. […] It’s not a bad beverage, but Coca Cola are going to have to pull their socks up if they want to compete with Pepsi in the weirdness stakes. A couple of years ago, Pepsi released a cucumber-flavoured drink, which was more tasty than it sounds, and last year they came out with the surprisingly inoffensive “Yoghurt Pepsi.” […]

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