Booze News

Japan marketing News has had a lot of good alcohol-related stories lately. They recently reported that Japanese izakayas (traditional pub/ restaurants) such as Toritetsu are starting to install play areas for kids.

I’m not sure how I feel about screaming toddlers in the pub on a Saturday, but I suppose such play areas are common in European beer gardens, and at least it’s better than leaving the little’uns baking in the car with the windows rolled up, as pachinko-addicted parents are prone to do, if the newspapers are anything to go by.
I wonder if the kids will be drinking the hilarious kids’ beer, Kodomo No Nomimono.

The same site reports that a new ginger-flavoured beer from Asahi has come out, backed by a trendy marketing campaign. I never get jaded with products in Japan- they’re changing every other week. Each new trip to the convenience store is a voyage of discovery. “Asahi Ginger Draft” is actually rather tasty, but I’d better not get too attached, because it’ll probably disappear by Christmas, replaced by turkey-flavoured egg-nog-soda or something.

Also, most excitingly, in December Kirin will be releasing two limited-edition cans of beer to celebrate their 120th anniversary. These classy lagers will be recreations of the brews the company produced when they first started, when their beer didn’t contain dubious things like starch or rice that are in today’s brews. This New Year’s Eve I’ll be loading up on these beers and partying like it’s 1899.

5 Responses to Booze News

  1. Woeful says:

    Sounds good to me Roaf!

  2. Ally says:

    Old style beer- nice!

    Kids in izakayas- not so nice. I actually saw a kiddie room in an izakaya once, it was terribly noisy with their screaming. They kept running in and out of the room because they were bored. I can imagine why if they are stuck in a tiny play room for two hours.

  3. The ginger draft isn’t so bad. I’ve had it a couple times.

    Kirin did the old-school revival of these brews two years ago as well. Don’t recall seeing them last year though. 気まぐれ bastards.

    Speaking of 気まぐれ, Kirin does a great stout that only comes in bottles. No, not that icky stout in the can — it’s only in bottles with a black label, and comes out to around 8% alcohol. I’ve only found it at liquor stores and specialty supermarkets, but it’s worth a taste. Doesn’t hold a candle to luscious Lion Stout though, from Ceylon of all places.

    This post followed no logical order whatsoever. Sorry ’bout that.

  4. roaf says:

    Thanks John, I’ll have to look out for that Kirin stout. I love stout! (but my beer-belly tells me I should cut down.)

    The Ginger draft tastes kind of like shandy.

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