All Aboard the Booze Train!

I’m always told not to quaff cans of beer on the trains in Japan, but Japan Probe reports that folk in Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture, are warming up for the end of year festivities by glugging beer and scoffing down hot food on trains.

Sounds like my kinda town! I always find the sublime smiles of red-faced retirees enjoying their “One-Cup Sake” on the afternoon train, to be far less discomforting than the dead-eyed misery vibes of the suit-smothered working stiffs in rush hour.
The residents of Toyohashi must not have seen the poster below, which has been appearing in train carriages around the country this year:

I should mention that, unlike the infamous guerilla party held on Tokyo’s Yamanote line each Halloween, the drinking parties are officially organized by a railway company, and take place only on the Toyohashi steetcar line, which moves at a snail’s pace.
They’re called “Odensha” parties. The name “Odensha” is quite clever because it mixes two words together, “oden” which is a kind of boiled Japanese winter dish, and “densha,” which means “train” (a word which is easy to remember because it sounds like “dentures.”) Come to think of it, dentures are something that some of the Odensha party-goers may well need, judging by the age of them in the video below:

If you fancy a ride on the party train, pop in your dentures and call 0532-53-2135. Bookings are available for parties on January 8th-30th. It’s 3,000 yen a head for the meal and a couple of beers.

3 Responses to All Aboard the Booze Train!

  1. jturningpin says:

    I am — without exception — quaffing a beverage on the train on the way home from work, Monday through Friday. Every once in a while I spy a Japanese local doing the same, and we exchange a slight nod of acknowledgment.

    Oh, yes. Alcohol on train is good.

  2. nick says:

    there is an annual beer train in haworth/oxenhope (where i live) every year which seems like an old fashioned version as it is on a steem train with traditional ales – so popular with the CAMRA folk

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