Space Beer Has Landed

The crazy astro-Beer that I wrote about in May, brewed by Sapporo from barley descended from crops kept on the international space station, is now ready to be drunk by a select bunch of lucky punters.

The Mainichi Daily News reports that, although there’s not enough of the exotic brew to be put on sale, special tasting parties will be held at Sapporro’s six breweries across Japan in January. Only sixty lucky booze-hounds, selected by lottery, will be able to try the inter-galactic moonshine. If you’re interested, call this number: 0120-500-245.

And, if you’re worried about catching some kind of body-altering sci-fi disease from the extra-terrestrial lager, don’t worry: it has been “submitted to a battery of safety tests, including those for genetic abnormalities.” So those guzzling the space-ale need not worry about exploding beer guts.
Hey, I’ve just had a brilliant idea for a film!

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