Japanese Office Party No-Nos

Around this time of year, Japanese companies start holding their end of year office parties, known as “bonenkai”. At these events there are certain protocols and niceties to be observed, but the presence of all-you-can-drink beer and cocktails tends to make people forget this.

What Japan Thinks has kindly translated a list of things not to do at a bonenkai, taken from an online Japanese survey of 1056 people.

I would have liked to have read this last year, before attending to my company’s bonenkai!

Here are the top twenty no-nos:

1 Droning on and on with the welcome speech
2 Fiddling with your mobile all night
3 Skiving off attending
4 Give everyone a piece of your mind
5 Pulling a colleague
6 Arriving late, returning early
7 Being a Soup Nazi with the stew
8 Not having enough money to pay your share
9 Talking shop all night
10 Picking a fight with your boss
11 Crying
12 Treating it as a dating party
13 Passing out drunk
14 Complaining about the food
15 Taking the unfinished booze home
16 Joining a different party
17 Scoffing all the food
18 Ordering extras
19 Paying by credit card to get points
20 Squirting lemon, etc over all the food

Yep, I think I’m guilty of most of them. (Except, naturally, the one about talking shop.)

Although they’re not on the list, it’s safe to assume that photocopying your tits and puking on the boss’s toupee are also bad form!

8 Responses to Japanese Office Party No-Nos

  1. Woeful says:

    Good timing, my office party is tonight and although I’m not in Japan most of these tips are pretty universal…

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, that’s right! Except maybe the one about squeezing lemon on food.

  3. billywest says:

    “5. Pulling a colleague”

    Guilty on several counts 😦

    But, never at a bonenkai. Guess I’m in the clear, right?


  4. roaf says:

    Don’t shit where you eat, my friend!

    Although, as an ex-NOVA teacher, I’m guilty as charged , too!

  5. Ally says:

    These rules are null and void. The point of bonenkai’s are to get drunk and not talk about what happened afterwards. Anything goes.

  6. ベン says:

    any rules for japanese office shinnenkai parties? seems more dangerous, as they are not about forgetting…

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