Honest Bar Names in Azabu

Strolling around Azabu in Tokyo the other day, I noticed that the bars have refreshingly honest names.

The name of the watering hole below accurately describes their typical customer.

And this place doesn’t shy away from letting you know how you’re going to feel the after drinking there.

“Gonna be hangover”!

7 Responses to Honest Bar Names in Azabu

  1. Tornadoes28 says:

    I like those names, especially Drunkard.

  2. Eleonora says:

    I want a “Gonna be hangover!” t-shirt.

  3. freedomwv says:

    You will also be broke after spending all your money on the host gals.

  4. billywest says:

    Almost as good as “Drink and Stink.”

  5. roaf says:

    Is there actually a bar called “Drink and Stink”?

  6. billywest says:

    Are you implying that I’m making it up!!!

    Actually, it was some combination of the words “drink” and “stink”. I just can’t remember. haha

  7. Clis says:

    Drunkard is a great place for a drink, though it is more like a “snack” than a pub per se. The old dear that runs it is a riot. Beware the place is about the size of a walk in closet.

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