Red and Blue Brews

Japan’s Hokkaido Abashiri brewery has come up with two new seasonal beers. One is red, and the other is blue.
Ideal for advertising your allegiances while watching football matches in a pub.

Japan Marketing News

6 Responses to Red and Blue Brews

  1. Chris says:

    It’s things like these that make me very angry with the german beer purity laws. I want to drink blue beer too, damnit!

  2. Chris B says:

    Looks like a Blue Hawaii had a head-on collision with a beer!!

  3. freedomwv says:

    Interesting. I wonder how they are getting that blue hue?

  4. madcatlux says:

    if you did that over here you have a fight on your hands…..better have both one in each hand..:)

  5. jenny says:

    i like the blue one better, its loooking so cooool.well I moved in a new neighborhood, i was searching for property to let in central london for quite some time and i accidentally found this amazing website no agents 24 with loads and loads of information about tips for tenants, tips for moving, hips. I really like my new house. i went out for some fresh air today early morning, although i am generally not the morning person type but i have to admit i really enjoyed it.

  6. hans says:

    This is the same brewery that combined beer and milk to get “bilk”

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