I Heart Crap

Nice bag, missus!

12 Responses to I Heart Crap

  1. akagenoan says:

    At least she’s honest

  2. freedomwv says:

    I think I may have seen that bag before around Tokyo. I have no idea where they are buying it.

  3. roaf says:

    Unless they’re into German porno, or they’re making a witty post-modern statement, I’m betting they don’t know what it means.

  4. At least she’s passionate about something.

  5. billywest says:

    Maybe she’s a 30-something single lady hoping to attract a man of modest means by giving the impression that she’s low-maintenance.

  6. dragonlife says:

    No wonder she tries to hide the little she has with it!

  7. roaf says:

    Maybe she likes “carp” and just spelled it wrong.

  8. PudgyM29 says:

    The photograph would have been better if it had been taken from the seat across the aisle from her, and framed a little lower on her body. ;=)

  9. jenny says:

    didnt somebody teach her not to lov crap, its something else totally when u r in japan, u wear stuff having english written on it and u dont give a rats ass wat i means, well I moved in a new neighborhood, i was searching for property to let in central london for quite some time and i accidentally found this amazing website no agents 24 with loads and loads of information about tips for tenants, tips for moving, hips. I really like my new house. i went out for some fresh air today early morning, although i am generally not the morning person type but i have to admit i really enjoyed it.

  10. Sasutan says:

    That is my wife you are commenting about you pack of pricks.

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