Simulated Booze Experiences!

Japan Marketing News. has some intriguing alcohol-related stories lately.
Perhaps the nation has been seized by alcoholic guilt, because there are a number of new products which simulate the experience of boozing, without any actual alcohol being involved.

Kirin has recently launched a beer called “Kirin Free”.
“Free beer?!” you cry, drooling like dogs. “This is the best news ever!”
Nope, I’m afraid it’s alcohol-free beer, with 0% alcohol in it, which is the opposite of good news (unless you’re the designated driver.)

Still, the taste of beer, alcoholic or not, is enough to make me relax, so it’s not all bad. In fact, the mere sound of a can of beer opening is enough to bring a smile to my face. And it appears beloved toymakers Bandai intend to capitalize on this simple pleasure, by releasing “Mugen (endless) Can Beer”, a novelty toy which simulates the sensation of opening a can of lager.

They come out in June, priced 819 yen.
So now all my friends know what to expect for Christmas this year.

Clearly it’s a good month for virtual drinking experiences. We have the senses of taste and sound covered by Kirin Free and Mugen Can Beer respectively, and it seems the sense of smell is also catered for:
If these kind of non-alcoholic antics are your thing, you can now try Spavino, a new liquid bath salt which contains wine.

Japan already has hot springs which smell of red wine, and now you can have the same experience in the comfort of your own home. It’s available in both red and white wine varieties, and leaves you stinking like a wino.
So, that’s the GF’s Christmas present taken care of, too.

I tell you, reading about all this booze-fakery has left me thirsting for a drink!

4 Responses to Simulated Booze Experiences!

  1. hp88 says:

    Love it! I bought Japanese “Chocolate Cake Bath Salts” for gifts last year and had to send warning after trying them. Yes it was like sitting in a tub of soggy chocolate cake mix! What a mess.

  2. Ken Y-N says:

    I got a free can of that Kirin Free, tried drinking it and had to stop after two mouthfuls. Revolting in the extreme, even worse than happoshu!

  3. freedomwv says:

    I will never drink beer with no effect. A waste of time.

  4. Olga Fowlie says:

    We just discussed this last night in group. Thanks for sharing.

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