A Great Place to “Get Pissed”

PEE is another bar in Shibuya that caught my attention by having a weird name!
PEE apparently stands for Pop, Eros, Elegance. (Hmm. Doesn’t the last word contradict the first two?)
Unfortunately it was closed when I saw it but I might have to check it out, sometime, as a last port of call, because it’s open until 7AM every night. I’m curious to see what kind of demons would be drinking at 7AM on a Wednesday morning.

Here’s their phone number: 03-3464-5116
And here’s their URL: PEE Bar

5 Responses to A Great Place to “Get Pissed”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ll pass on a watering hole called “PEE” just on shaky principles 😉

  2. roaf says:

    You just gave the words “watering hole” a whole new meaning.

  3. Very clubhouse-y sort of spot, though the guys behind the bar were very welcoming to a gaijin like me. The wine though, was pretty much standard to poor in quality – not what I would expect from a place promoting itself as a wine bar.

  4. Flaffer says:

    Really, who drinks wine afterhours anyway? That is a weird concept. Whiskey yes. Wine? blech.

  5. Heidi says:

    I personaly can be found drinking at 7am on a wednesday. Not every wednesday though, sometimes its monday or thursday. The novilty of it has not worn off yet.

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