KFC Are Selling Beer!

Kentucky Fried Chicken have started selling Kirin beer in their Japanese chains.

Now I know where to take all my dates!

6 Responses to KFC Are Selling Beer!

  1. billywest says:

    Seems like a logical step; The big Japanese fast food shops like Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya all have beer. And, I think I saw that Pepper Lunch has 290-yen nama chuus. Yay!

  2. freedomwv says:

    Great idea! Chicken and Beer!

  3. Noticed this myself the other day, too. Awesome.

  4. Jeff says:

    Wendy’s there sells beer. You never had one at Futa?

  5. Ben says:

    They sell beer at KFC in Budapest too. Heineken to be exact! 😛

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