Malfunctioning Melons?

Have you busted your melons? Never fear, because there’s a new Japanese product which will mend your messed-up melons!

“Melon Repair”

4 Responses to Malfunctioning Melons?

  1. yonasu says:

    I’d just eat it up instead, but I guess considering how expensive some melons in Japan are, repairing them might be something you need to do at times…^^

  2. roaf says:

    Yeah, I saw one for 11,000 yen in the supermarket the other day. Mental!

  3. simaldeff says:

    that`s teh WTF product of the day for me.
    And I`ve seen my share in 2 days at the Konbini.

  4. Tornadoes28 says:

    These are for people like Pamela Anderson.

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