Playgirl Q

Wow! Evidently Japanese TV was much cooler in the 1970s.
Playgirl Q was like like Charlie’s Angels “with nudity and sexual content.” Nice! It was shown on TV Tokyo from 1974-1976, and actually pre-dated Charlies Angels by a few years.
Check out the funky theme tune.

Sequel to the long running Japanese TV detective drama of the 70s “Playgirl”, “Playgirl Q” featured Sawa Tamaki as a woman who sets up a private detective agency, recruiting a number of beautiful “thrill seekers”.

Fortunately, unlike the ladies’ magazine of the same name, “Playgirl” didn’t feature any naked blokes.

3 Responses to Playgirl Q

  1. roaf says:

    I might have to get hold of some of these DVDs!

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