Coke and Pepsi Continue to Battle for Weirdness Crown in Japan

Another season, another pair of bizarre beverages in Japan, courtesy of the world’s premier competing cola companies.

This Autumn, Pepsi’s odd offering is Azuki Pepsi. Azuki is a sweet red bean, often found in Japanese desserts, and it makes for an inoffensive ingredient in fizzy pop. Azuki Pepsi is too sickly for my tastes, but at least it’s original.

Meanwhile, Coke, in a rather lackluster effort, have come out with “Coca Cola Plus Fiber”.
It tastes exactly the same as usual Diet Coke, but apparently “keeps you regular.” I’d be worried if you’re turning to Coca Cola for your nutritional needs- some vegetables or fruit would be better. But at least old folk can save money on Metamucil.

5 Responses to Coke and Pepsi Continue to Battle for Weirdness Crown in Japan

  1. chad says:

    What? Those aren’t strange. Those were far from my reaction when I found those at a sunkis just recently. Azuki is delicious and it’s a good season for it. Fiber is more of a demand in society recenly. It’s a good way to get it with no alteration to the flavor. It’s not the same as Metamucil, by any means. I wish other countries would pick up on useful drinks. Not the same basics America’s got. Unhealthy and boring.

  2. roaf says:

    Don’t get me wrong- I’m just amused by the novelty. I’m all for variety in the convenience store. I’m only bummed out when the drinks disappear off the shelves after a month.

  3. Tornadoes28 says:

    Of course the old folks teeth will rot out from the coke.

  4. roaf says:

    If they still have teeth!

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