Valentine’s Nonsense

Valentine’s Day, like everything else, has been warped by Japan’s cultural filters like a reflection in a funhouse mirror. Here’s what I had to say about it a couple of years ago.

It is traditional for Japanese women to give chocolates to the men they love on Valentine’s Day. Ladies, if you want to make more of an impression this year, why not present your loved one with some of the seasonal chocolate beer I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? Or, even better, with this heart-shaped Domino’s pizza?

Pizza and beer are surefire shortcuts to a man’s heart.

Anyway, I’m about to lapse into a diabetic coma from all the chocolate I’ve been eating, so here, for your listening pleasure, is a tacky 80s song called “Valentine’s Kiss”, sung by women in swimsuits.

And here are some amusingly dated chocolate commercials starring Japanese pop stars.

4 Responses to Valentine’s Nonsense

  1. […] Photos   –> jQuery('document').ready(function($) { $('#toggle_bg').toggle(function() { $('body').addClass('noback'); }, function () { $('body').removeClass('noback'); }); }); Valentine’s Nonsense […]

  2. Billy W says:

    I just want to say that women are taken advantage of far too much in this country. I mean, when there’s a guest at the office, do any of the bloated, redundant salarymen jump up and offer to bring tea? No, they call for one of the busy female OLs to do it. So, on Valentine’s these OLs are supposed to bring chocolate for these lard-asses?!!

    That being said, I didn’t get as much chocolate this year as I did in previous ones.

    Kinda bummed…

  3. roaf says:

    Yeah, lucky I’m on a diet!

    Yeah, Japan’s stuck in the 50s when it comes to equality. I knew a female architect in her 50s who was still expected to make the tea for everyone in the office every morning.

    The TV show Mad Men could be set in modern Japan.

  4. mbt shoes says:

    mbt changa Valentine’s Nonsense | Gaijin Tonic

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