The Bourbon House

Here’s a recommendation from Andrew Hill. It’s a bar called “The Bourbon House” in Nishi-Kawaguchi. Sounds ace!
Cheers, Andrew.

This bar isn’t particularly crazy, but it is particularly awesome, especially if you like whiskey. On the outskirts of Tokyo, there’s a small suburb called Nishi-Kawaguchi. Not far from the station, there’s a bar called the Bourbon House. I visited during my first ever trip to Tokyo back in 07. The owner was friendly and the inside had the feel of an American western saloon, complete with six-shooters and confederate flag. The best part though was the selection, kentucky bourbons so rare you can’t even find them in Kentucky anymore. Scratch that, the best part was, after telling the regulars and friendly bartender, Kaz, that bourbon was my favorite drink, I drank for free, for two nights, of delicious 101 proof or higher bourbon that I can’t even find when I go home to the American south and walk the Bourbon trail. It’s not far from Tokyo, and if you need to stay the night, you can probably stay in the bar till the trains open, or stay at JGH, the cheapest hostel in Japan.

Tel: 048-251-8445
URL: Bourbon House

3 Responses to The Bourbon House

  1. Looks like the next best thing to living in Kentucky (which I do). My grandparents had a foreign exchange student (25 years ago) who now visits occasionally. I think the best part of the last trip for them was taking home a pair of Maker’s Mark bottles freshly wax dipped by their daughters.

    I noticed on his site that he has an “ice charge” – is that usual, and why do they charge it?

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve no idea what the ice charge is, but he does have a mallet from the wild turkey distillery that was brought and signed by their master distiller a few years back.

  3. I suspect he could be making fun of people who don’t take their bourbon neat with the ice charge. We have a microbrewery/pub in the area that charges patrons $0.75 for a mandatory slice of citrus fruit when they order a Carona. This is because a good cold beer requires a slice of citrus. (They’re making fun of people who drink Carona.)

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