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I was asked to write a post about terrible TV adverts in the UK for my friend’s blog. There are some real stinkers on there! It made me grateful that I haven’t been subjected to English telly commericals for several years, thus saving myself from countless hours of tedium.
In Japan, of course, the surreal commercials are often better than the inane shows.

Here’s a nice Walkman ad from the 80s:

In Japan the cherry blossoms have fallen from the trees but spring is still in the air in Japan. (Although it it bloody snowed yesterday!) Any keen photographers out there might want to enter the spring-themed photo competition on “Wide Island View”. You can win lots of nice kanji-learning stuff. I might send some snapshots of me glugging sake in a crowded park. (Hmm, probably won’t win, I suspect.)

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  2. That was a impressive post,I look forward to some more post from you.

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