Funny Japanese T-shirts at T-Shitsu

June 24, 2010

After several years of wearing the same mouldering clothes (which no doubt went out of fashion in the late nineties) I’m pleased to have found a site, T-shitsu, which has lots of funny Japanese/English T-shirts. Now I can get some new clothes to sweat in this summer!

This shirt, with the Gordon’s Gin logo changed to “Gaikoku-jin” (foreigner), is a particular fave, for obvious reasons.

There’s also a topical T-shirt, featuring the slogan “Yes we Kan” (in reference to the new Japanese Prime Minister). Snap it up fast- chances are, there’ll be a new bloke in office in a few months!

Mainly aimed a foreigners in Japan (or elsewhere), the T-Shitsu T-shirts are all cheap, at 2500yen or less, and the site’s all in English.
The shirts all seem to play on amusing similarities between Japanese and English words.

There’s one with the sitcom alien, “ALF”, as an A.L.T complete with mortar board, and another featuring a gormless Chewbacca with the phrase “Cho-Baka” (complete idiot.)

Poor Chewy. He’s not as scholarly as ALF, but I’ve often thought of him as merely a “medium-sized idiot”, as his name means just that in Japanese. (There are loads of Japanese words in Star Wars, come to think of it. Obi-Wan means something like “Belt Bowl”, and there is a Yoda stadion somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo.)

Speaking of Yoda-like wisdom, apparently there’s a higher goal to T-Shitsu, beyond selling amusing clothes.

This site is not just about T-shirts.
Its about sparking conversations, merging cultures, breaking down barriers and generally enhancing our fun-loving foreign community in this awesome country.
If our merchandise spreads further then these Japanese shores, so be it.
Put plainly, for one person to say, ‘Woah… where did you get that T-shirt?!’ makes us (and you) happy. Simple.

Uniting the world through goofy puns. I’m all for that!
Also, anything that encourages ladies to talk to me is good.

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