Groovy Tokyo Bars

The Guardian have printed a list of trendy bars and clubs to check out in Tokyo. A nice variety of watering holes are featured in the article, and I can vouch for most of them, especially the brew pubs and whiskey bars, although I have yet to try Stand S’s “mojito beer”, which sounds like the contents of my stomach at 2:30AM. (I’ll try it nonetheless- anything for a challenge.) The only place mentioned that isn’t my cup of tea is the Trump Room, where I’m too old and flabby to blend in (and where apparently it is compulsory to wear black and silver, be anemically thin, and not drink anything.) Other than that place, there’s an epic pub crawl to be had!

3 Responses to Groovy Tokyo Bars

  1. Joe says:

    Bar High Five, Goodbeer Faucets, and Zoetrope look great (and classy). Any idea what pricing at High Five is like? Seems like it could get fairly expensive given that it’s in Ginza.

    I’ll have to try these out when I’m in Tokyo this summer. Thanks for posting!

  2. [] says:


    […]Groovy Tokyo Bars « Gaijin Tonic[…]…

  3. Yummy Japan says:

    We also explore different Japanese restaurants and share our experiences via youtube videos.

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