Tripping in Tokyo

March 5, 2007

Visitors to Japan tend to fall prey to the power of booze rather than narcotics, thanks to the scarcity and astronomically high cost of drugs in Japan. That, and terrifying rumours of ludicrously harsh prison sentences for drugs offenses, in jails where inmates get whipped senseless with rubber hoses and have large objects shoved up their bums by cackling sadist guards. Yikes.
So I was surprised recently when a group of English teachers employed by NOVA corporation, were busted for cocaine possession. And I’d like to know how they can afford coke on a teacher’s salary!

When I first came to Japan a few years ago, magic mushrooms were readily available in “head” shops throughout the country, but annoyingly they were banned in time for the 2002 world cup, due to fear of hallucinating foreigners wreaking havoc.
Still, if you’re really desperate, there is readily available a repulsive-tasting legal liquid E concoction. It’s sold in bottles claiming to contain massage-oil, by furtive-looking vendors on the streets of Tokyo. This stuff makes you go nuts for about twenty hours, so you may find yourself boogieing until the next afternoon in sordid after-parties full of recently clocked-off nighclub hostesses and strippers, (which isn’t so bad!) But, on the down side, you also get chronic diarreah.