Pervy Parties

July 9, 2007

While wandering in and out of the bars, cafes, shops and art galleries of Tokyo, I often pick up flyers for upcoming parties and events. Sometimes I happen upon flyers which suggest that there are things going on in the city are too freaky to comprehend. Below are a couple of truly weird flyers which recently caught my eye.
First is something called “Department H presents: Salon KITTYFIRE 2099” which takes place on the first Saturday of each month, in the J-Pop Cafe in Shibuya (which is where Rinko Kikuchi flashed her you-know-what in the film “Babel,” movie buffs.)

God knows what goes on at this place, but it involves Burlesque, dancers, music and Drag Queens. The back of the flyer says “Don’t ask! Just Come.” You can find out more at the website.
Even more crazy is the slightly terrifying-sounding “Sadistic Circus,” which is billed as a “Fetish Spectacle Party” and “a forbidden festival of passion.”

According to the Sadistic Circus Website “the program includes “Yasukuni-Shrine Freak Show,” “Fire Breathing and Balance Ball Circus,” “Magic Show by Arabian Beauty Troupe,” “Witch and Spider Woman,” “Dark Gothic Dance of Homosexuals,” “Tickle Wrestling by Female Office Workers in Their Uniform,” “Dance Show by Naked Beauties Powdered in Gold,” “Shudderingly Exciting! Bound Show,” “Blood Spitting Show by Self-Tied Beauty,” “Kinky Photographer’s Live Shooting Show,” “Sado-Masochistic Hanging Show,” “Foreign Sadistic Man and Masochistic Japanese Women,” “Taming Show of the Beast Woman,” “Explosive Taming Show,” “The Advent of the Queen” and so forth.”
They go on to say there is “no admittance to pregnant women, people under 20 and those who have heart problems. This is a secret party for fetishistic adults and kinky somnambulists in the city. Feel free to express yourself with a costume such as bondage or rubber.”
…Bloody Hell!

Bland Shop

July 9, 2007

I found a flyer for a hip-hop shop in Yokohama which takes pride in their products being “bland.” They use the word “bland” no less than eight times on their flyer, so being dull and uninspiring must be their ethos!

I’m interested in this “bland new mix.” Presumably it features Kenny G and the Lighthouse Family.

Scousers in Japan

April 9, 2007

I laughed when I spotted this colourful flyer for a club night in Shibuya called “Scouse! Japan.”
For non-UK readers, a Scouser is a person from Liverpool, who stereotypically has curly hair and a moustache and looks like this:

The thought of all things Liverpudlian becoming a craze in Japan is bewildering (although the Beatles are still phenomenally popular). It’d be funny if the Japanese teenagers started wearing Scouser costumes.

Apparently, at the event the DJs will be spinning “Scouse House”, which a little research tells me is a form of House music, popular in the North-West of England, which evolved from Happy Hardcore. I’ve been in Japan so long I’m out of touch- I’ve never heard of it.
I’m still not entirely sure what the hell “The United Kingdom of Donk” means, however.

Scousers are already well-represented in Japan by the character on the signs for Shirokiya Izakayas (pictured below). This moustachioed mascot bears an uncanny resemblance to a stereotypical Liverpudlian, and can be seen outside Japanese pubs across the land. My god, it’s a Scouse invasion!

Here’s a link to a site about the “Scouse! Tokyo” party. Looks quite fun!: Scouse! Tokyo

Funny VJ Name

April 3, 2007

I recently found this flyer for a party in Yokosuka, near Yokohama. Check out the name of the VJ (video DJ.) He shouldn’t be so hard on himself!